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Q. Why check all three credit bureaus?
A. It is important to check all three because each credit bureau may have slightly different information about you.

Q. What else is in my 3-Bureau Credit Reports report?
A. Your Credit Report includes credit information reported to all three national credit bureaus, including your payment history, your creditor account balances and your collections. Your report may also includes public record information reported such as suits and judgments. Your report will also include addresses for most of your creditors. Your credit score is not part of your credit report, but it may be ordered as an option.

Q. Can my report be faxed or emailed to me?
A. Credit reports cannot be faxed to you because there is no way for us to verify who is on the other end of the fax machine when we are sending the report. Credit reports cannot be emailed to you because email is generally not secure. However, you may elect our Online Delivery where you receive your report while connected to our secure server using SSL encryption supported by your browser. After you receive your report online, it will be available for viewing for 60 days.

Q. Can I order a report for another person or my spouse?
A. No, not on this web site. You may only order your own report. Your spouse must order their own report.  Under federal laws, any person who knowingly and willfully obtains information on a consumer from a Credit Reporting Agency under false pretenses (for example, getting a credit report on an individual without his/her permission) shall be fined under Title 18 United States Code, or imprisoned for not more than 2 years or both.

Q. If I am married, does my 3-Bureau Credit Reports report cover my spouse?
A. The report will show all the individual and joint credit reported under the name requested. It will not show the individual credit reported under the spouses' name. To see all the credit reported under both names, it is necessary to order two separate credit reports.

Q. I just married and changed my name, what name should I use to order my report?
A. Use your current name unless your credit is still in your unmarried name. Normally credit bureaus will link your names together and report your credit under either your married or unmarried name. However, if all your credit is in your unmarried name, the credit bureaus may not know of your marriage and new name. To some degree credit bureaus depend on the creditors who report credit information to them, to update your new name and address. That only happens as you get credit in your new name or contact your old creditors about your name change.

Q. I don't have a credit card. Can I still purchase a credit report?
A. Currently we only accept credit card payments and debit cards for payment of our 3 bureau report online.

Q. How do I dispute inaccuracies on my credit report?
A. To request an investigation into information you don't believe is accurate on your 3 bureau credit report, you may call our customer service, or you may write directly to the credit reporting bureau that supplied the information. A credit bureau has 30 days to investigate disputes regarding possible inaccuracies on credit reports. The credit bureaus must then give you the results in writing.

Q. Isn't everyone entitled to one free credit report annually?
A. Based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act, sections 612 (b), (c), and (d), you have the right to a free credit report from Credit Report Agencies if (paraphrased) you:

  • are the recipient of an adverse action (for example, denial of credit) due to information contained in the Consumer Report;
  • are unemployed;
  • are a receipient of public welfare assistance;
  • have inaccuracies in your Credit Report due to fraud

For more information, please see the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Under a new Federal law called FACTA or the The FACT Act, all US residents are entitled to one free credit report a year from each of the three credit bureaus. More information is available at

Consumers residing in the States of Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado, New Jersey, and Vermont may also receive a free copy of their credit report once per year and residents of the State of Georgia may receive two (2) copies per year.

Q. Will Receiving my 3-bureau credit report appear as an inquiry on my credit report?
A. Anytime your credit report is pulled -  including when you order a copy of your credit report directly from the credit bureau - an inquiry is added to your credit file. Only some of those inquiries appear to creditors and therefore impact your credit rating. Inquiries that were made when you applied for credit cards or loans will be shown to creditors. Inquiries added when you request a copy of your own credit report or when an employer checks your credit report do not appear to creditors. is pulling your credit report on your behalf, so the inquiry on your credit report will not be shown to creditors and will not affect the calculation of your credit score.


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